How to cure Sinus eye and cylinder eyes

How to cure Sinus eye and cylinder eyes, Sinus eye is a condition where a person experiencing this difficulty seeing objects with a certain distance. Sinus eye conditions make the cornea curvature too large which makes the light less focused. This then causes the light not to fall right on the retina and make the view become blurred. A person who experiences minus eye symptoms usually has a protracted headache and dizziness due to unfocused views requiring quick handling by using a glass-eye with a concave lens or lens Negative.

Another case with cylindrical eyes, a person experiencing these symptoms is usually due to a defect in the cornea of the eye. The irregular curvature of the cornea makes the light not fall directly on the retinal of the eye and the impact of it is that the object becomes unfocused and unclear. A person who experiences cylindrical eye symptoms is not only experiencing dizziness and headaches, but also objects that are viewed very shaded and unclear. For the treatment of eye cylinder symptoms can use cylinder lens.

There are many things that cause the eyes to be sinus and the cylinder eye is like an unhealthy lifestyle to a variety of bad habits that make the loss less good. But neither the eye minus nor the cylinder eye both need help and also the treatment so that someone experiencing the symptoms can recover again.

Here are some things you can do to maintain eye health and also reduce the eye sinus or cylinder eyes.

How to maintain eye health?

Here are some things you can do to keep your eye healthy:

  • Routinely consume fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables is proven to maintain the health of the eye and can also help to reduce the problems surrounding the dismissal. Consume fruits and vegetables that contain beta carotene like carrots
  • Reduce laptop and gadged usage. One cause of the eye to be minus because of the use of electronic objects that can damage the loss. If you are one of the users of electronic objects such as laptops and gadged for a long time, it is better to be reduced because they can damage the vision.
  • Do Eye Gymnastics. Eye Gymnastics is also very effective in maintaining and maintaining eye health. As for eye gymnastics you can do like:
  • Trains vision and eye focus with the index finger placed approximately 10 cm from the nose, then point the eye focus to the object
  • Bask in the eyes of the morning to allow vitamin D intake to be fulfilled. Freeze by opening and closing eyes with a view to the light source of the day’s eyes, doing until the eyes become warm
  • Train your eye focus using the colors around you. Do it by observing the colors around you for example today observing the yellow color, tomorrow the blue color and so on
  • If it is not necessary, please remove the glasses or softlens that you use
  • Conducting therapy for eye health such as wax therapy

These are the things you can do to keep your eye healthy and also help to reduce the symptoms surrounding your eyes such as sinus eye and cylinder eyes. Once again emphasized that start a healthy lifestyle and avoid the things that can ruin the parts of your body because they are assets of the future.

So my review on how to heal eye sinus and cylinder eyes, hopefully this review can be useful for you. And thank you.

Updated: Juni 24, 2019 — 2:41 pm

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