“Rampanan Kapa” marriage ceremony of Toraja tribe

To know the ceremony of Toraja tribe wedding, the marriage among the Toraja is called the ‘ Kapa ‘. In terms of the cultural values of the Kapa’is so important among the Toraja people. Bahka is what puts the Kapa ‘ as the first in the order of values. According to the Toraja people’s understanding of Aluk Todolo, the rule of marriage was determined in the heavens. It happens when the UsukSangbamban with Simbolong Manik, and Puang Matua with Arrang Dibatu want to marry. They must meet the requirements of religion. It was also evident when Puang Matua married the man (Datu Laukku) with an old Totabang in the sky as a prototype of a human marriage on Earth.

Regarding the requirements of the marriage of the Toraja people, it is much related to social plating based on descent. The women of the Nobility (Puang) were forbidden to marry men of lesser soisal. If this is the case, both men and women will be condemned to death, which in turn is common in the middle of the family. On the contrary there is no prohibition for men of nobility to marry women from lower social layers.

In the area of Tallulembangna (Makale, Sangalla ‘, Mengkendek) The habit of marriage once a cousin especially among Puang is a rather ordinary thing. Perhaps it was due to the influence of Bugis. Toraja District of the West (Dima’dikai area) marriage cousin once Prohibited. For the area in the Ambe’i (Rantepao and surrounding areas) is somewhat rare practice The marriage. The other requirements for the marriage of the Toraja are Kapa ‘. Kapa ‘ is An agreement held at the time of the inauguration of during that Party shall pay the penalty to the party Innocent. The number of Kapa ‘ was determined by the social lapation (“Tana”).

The penalty is on the basis of Tana ‘ each:

  • Tana ‘ Reed: 12-24 Buffalo Tails
  • Tana ‘ Bassi: 6-10 Buffalo Tails
  • Tana ‘ Karuru ‘: 2-4 Buffalo Tails
  • Tana ‘ Kua ‘-Kua ‘: Bai Doko

The marriage of the Toraja people is so simple, compared to the ceremonies Other. Animals that are cut for side dishes are pork, chicken and only Fish from rice fields only. The animals of the sacrifices were just for the need hna side dishes. There are no gods. According to Tangdilintin, the absence of Offerings to the deity at the marriage ceremony, because the marriage among Toraja people are merely indigenous things.

There are three ways or levels of the marriage ceremony of the Toraja people:

  • The ceremony of Bo’Bo Bannang (Bo’Bo = nasi, Bannang = yarn) is a simple wedding ceremony. The marriage was executed at night (Rampo Bongi). At night the groom is accompanied by a few people (there should not be any negative names, the number must be even) come to the House of the woman. There was a dinner in the sea with fish. After eating together, the marriage ceremony is completed.
  • The marriage called Rampo karoen (Rampo = come, Karoen = evening) is a during that is carried out in the afternoon. On that occasion it was held question and answer in the form of pantun between the male party and the female party. Also the marriage agreement named Kapa ‘ is determined by the customary figure. A pig and some chickens are cut to entertain the guests. After dinner the ceremony was completed.
  • A more festive marriage is called Rampo allo (allo = day, noon), which is a marriage held in the afternoon. This marriage was in effect among the nobility. Two pigs and chickens are sufficiently cut for side dishes. In the framework of this ceremony, was preceded by the male party’s interest to the female party. After that afternoon, there was still a meal together at the male home called Ma’pasule barasang (ma’pasule = restore, Barasang = Bakul). Baskets that have been sent by the woman to the male party are now returned with food filled by the male party. After this progresses, the marriage event is completed.

This is an overview of the marriage or the ‘ Kapa ‘ among the Toraja people. There are variations in its implementation according to local customary Junzo area. That marriage is a real religious thing (rite) on the story of Londongdirura with his wife Sa’pakdigaleto. They organized a donate marriage between their own putera-puteri. It is a violation of the Aluk that causes Puang Matua wrath. Puang Matua punishes, so all who are present in the wedding feast are eaten fire from the sky and the area where the marriage is gone from the Earth’s surface. Here it is clear that marriage is not only governed by the customary community but by Puang Matua.

This indicates that the ship of Kapa’itu is an Agamaniah is a prohibition of Ataua Pemali. Thus it can be said that the ceremony of Rampanan Kapa ‘ is a traditional ceremony as well as religious ceremonies, although there are no offerings in it. Aluk or customs, beliefs and ethical matters are tightly woven in the ceremony of Rampanan Kapa ‘.

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